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The Law Society & Video Streaming

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The Law Society has over 130,000 members spread all over the UK and communicating effectively with them all can be quite a challenge. In recent years they have started to move towards video streaming as a means of communication and it’s proving to be a successful tool in them getting their ideas across.
The term video streaming describes the main method of distributing video over the internet usually by putting a player on a web page, and because most homes and offices now have access to fast, broadband internet connections it is more popular than ever.
Streaming technology also allowed The Law Society to accurately monitor the success of their video, how many people were watching it and when, something that just isn’t possible with DVD.
The Law Societies legal breakfast programme this month dealt with the future financing of legal services which, with the election looming is something of a hot topic for legal professionals
follow the link below to see the video…

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