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Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital Trust

June 10th, 2010

Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital Trust were finishing their third programme with us this week. Based on interviews with patients about their experiences of the Lung Cancer Service, this video is aimed at feeding back to staff how patients experience the service. A powerful format which has proven very effective.

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National Parks Authority

June 2nd, 2010

Beautiful spring weather met us just off the Isle of Wight this week for the first filming on a National Parks Coastal Heritage film. As part of a schools and visitors information campaign, the programme will explore the wrecks and hidden history under the sea surrounding the New Forest National Park. Continue reading “National Parks Authority” »

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Soundbeam 5

June 1st, 2010


Soundbeam 5 is the latest incarnation of the most unusual musical instrument. And we are now making the latest version of the promotional DVD. Tim said -

“Redweather developed a real understanding of what we needed to convey in our DVD and they were totally amenable to and accommodating of how we wanted it to be, whilst at the same time producing for us a genuinely broadcast-quality film which looks and sounds interesting and exciting as well as being instructive. The whole process – in which they seemed to have a real commitment – was one of amicable collaboration; we really felt that this was OUR film, but we couldn’t have have got anywhere near what was finally achieved without Redweather.”

I enjoyed it too Tim – even if you did edit out my son!

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Firebird Theatre, The Tempest

March 1st, 2010


The main news this February is the extreme weather.

Appropriately we are working on with Firebird Theatre ( on their adaptation of The Tempest. A couple of really fun days in the Arnolfini recording sounds and now back to the studio for mixing to create the sound design for their show, which will be well worth a look.

Continue reading “Firebird Theatre, The Tempest” »

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Back to school again!

February 7th, 2010


We’ve made many films promoting Inclusive Education and featuring good practice to support disabled children in schools. This month we’ve been filming around England with Richard Rieser, ( to produce a set of short films for the QCDA illustrating how schools can and do include Disability Equality in the curriculum. Filming real teachers in real classrooms as they work and reflect on their practice, really inspires others and is a great way to share good practical ideas! Continue reading “Back to school again!” »

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The Law Society & Video Streaming

February 1st, 2010

law society logo

The Law Society has over 130,000 members spread all over the UK and communicating effectively with them all can be quite a challenge. In recent years they have started to move towards video streaming as a means of communication and it’s proving to be a successful tool in them getting their ideas across.
The term video streaming describes the main method of distributing video over the internet usually by putting a player on a web page, and because most homes and offices now have access to fast, broadband internet connections it is more popular than ever.
Streaming technology also allowed The Law Society to accurately monitor the success of their video, how many people were watching it and when, something that just isn’t possible with DVD.
The Law Societies legal breakfast programme this month dealt with the future financing of legal services which, with the election looming is something of a hot topic for legal professionals
follow the link below to see the video…

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Happy New Year to all our readers!

January 1st, 2010


Our year began in the edit suite, with our friends from VS1 Productions completing their 30 minute comedy/drama 50/50 for broadcast in February on the Community Channel. Continue reading “Happy New Year to all our readers!” »

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